Permanent Objects is a woodworking studio that creates custom furniture, sculpture and display objects for those who value the craftsmanship and artisanal qualities of items they spend their money on, and so don’t want to settle for what is available ready-made – online or in stores.

These are objects of desire that start a conversation, create pride of ownership and provides value that lasts generations.

What is Bespoke?

Bespoke refers to something that has been designed and made for specific needs that cannot be fulfilled by what is readily available to buy.

The making process lays emphasis on collaborative design, choice of material and quality workmanship to create furniture that is unique to your specific needs, tastes and vision.

The underlying premise is that furniture can be both functional and a piece of art through quality workmanship.

My Services

Commission an item that will give your home / office / establishment a unique identity. Choose from any of the following options

Custom Furniture

Bespoke - Residential | Commercial



Objet D'Art

Sculpture | Display Objects




Build Your Own Furniture

Learn woodworking by making a furniture item by yourself, in my workshop

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