Model Starck chair

Recently I had an opportunity through a referral to make scale models of contemporary furniture for a boutique interior design firm.

The brief was they wanted the model to look realistic and not look like “doll-house” type furniture. Workmanship and finish was paramount.


I first made a clay model, complete with tiny pillows.

This was to give me a reference as I carve the final piece out of wood.

I then sliced the clay model at 45-degree angle to give two pieces that I will carve separately – the seat and the back. And stick them together with high-strength wood glue.

Carving in wood

I chose a dark hardwood that will show grain structure very well when polished. I worked on the seat first – it was a slow and steady process to get the shape right geometrically before cutting the 45-degree angle at the back.









I used a variety of gouges and my rotary tools in the process, while sanding with 60-grit sandpaper, files in between. It took all morning to come to a logical stop working on the seat part.


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