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Do you have a cluttered desk? Some people thrive on it. They pride themselves to be able to find anything buried under a pile of papers. I can’t..

Yet, I find myself in such a situation many times. For ex, this is my desk this morning. And maybe yesterday as well. And the day before too. I’m sure it will be so tomorrow and the day after if I don’t do something about it. The don says she has given up; or has she?

I will have to do better, be better!!


I stood up and took a long hard look at my desk. One thing that struck me is that I generate a lot of paperwork. Actually, I’m a lists guy – I create a TON of lists. I have lists for everything – my shop projects, what veggies to grow in my terrace garden (when I get around to it), research topics, my daughter’s home-work worksheets etc., etc. You get the idea.

I also use a lot of notebooks – one for morning pages, Workshop log, daily journal etc. Need a place to organize my notebooks in a single place.

I read many books, but not cover-to-cover in one sitting. I thumb through each of them every (other) day. Need a mini bookshelf.

Like most artists, I can’t have enough of pencils and erasers. Need a holder within easy reach

It will be good to have a shelf to keep a potted plant or a photo frame

I use my ipad and iphone alternatively along with my laptop. And they seem to be run out of juice quickly. So, I will need them nearby, not under a pile of papers and be tethered to a charging cable.

And a place for a coffee mug so I don’t elbow it


I doodled out a basic pencil sketch before creating the final design on sketchup

 This is an inspiration drawing. I change it a bit while I was on SketchUp

I am sure it will change a bit more when I start building it. But that’s ok, that’s how good design evolves.




Final (?) Design

I used SketchUp to create a proper design from the doodle above. I have incorporated places for specific things so that there is a place for everything and hopefully they will be in their place..

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