Under-bed Lego storage and workstation

Like most kids, my child too has a TON of Lego pieces – collected from buying various sets individually. She likes to build the set once – yes, only once. Then she dismantles it and all the pieces gets into a large bin that has pieces from other sets. That bin is now a catch-all that she must dig through to find pieces to build her next creation. And she gets frustrated many times when she doesn’t find the right piece and she ends up wasting a lot of time searching than building.

Does this scenario resonate with you? If so, read on…


After observing her work for a few days, I sketched some designs for a storage and worktable combo solution.  I transferred the final design to sketchup:

I decided to go with a approx 2′ x 3′ box with the following sections:

  1. The main work area on the left is the work surface – the place where the masterpiece will be built.
  2. The bin adjacent to the work area is to store all loose pieces. This can be a single container for all the pieces or shallow trays with partitions can be purchased as add-ons to segregate the pieces by color, type and size.
  3. Under the work area is the storage for tall pieces to be placed on flat shelves that will slide in one behind the other
  4. Under the storage bin is a similar storage for shorter pieces on flat shelves

A note on sizing: The entire unit is sized to roll underneath a standard bed. I find that 10″ is the common clearance. This will be adjusted to suit your specific bed frame clearance


In the original design the box is constructed using 12mm superior quality plywood (called Birch Plywood) and applied a natural finish.

The following variants are available with applicable cost difference:

  1. Painted in any color of your choice
  2. Dark coloured furniture polish
  3. Laminate of your choice
  4. Veneer of your choice
  5. Made of rubber wood instead of plywood
  6. Made of pine wood instead of plywood

Would you like me to make one for your child? Do contact me if you do, and let’s chat about the options, size etc so that I can provide an estimate.

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