Modern bookshelf

I needed a minimalist design for a set of shelves to be used a display area in my workshop for my sculpture pieces. Since I won’t have too many of these I wanted a simple design that can snugly fit into a nook near the entrance of my workshop.


Since there aren’t going to be any heavy objects placed in it, I designed a wall-hung (French cleats) open shelving system with optimum cross and front braces. The boards are 3/4″ pine boards and the vertical supports are hard wood (not sure of the species). The solid wood when finished will give a rich look while being minimalist.


I first planes one side of the pine boards using my jointer jig on my Makita thicknesser. Then the other side went through the thicknesser without the jig to arrive at the final thickness. The edges were planes by hand as I don’t have a dedicated jointer yet. I purchased the hard wood ready-to-use with all the thicknessing done at the lumber yard.

Once I dimensioned all the pieces at the mitre saw station, I too them all to the sanding station to sand all surfaces to 120 grit. Then onto the finishing station for a couple of coats of double-boiled linseed oil

 Assembly and installation

Putting the shelves together was quite easy I used dowels to fix the vertical supports to the shelves. The light color of the beechwood dowels contrasts well against the dark color of the hardwood. I fixed the shelves on the wall using French cleats.

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