How to order

Having bespoke furniture made is more than about the furniture itself – it’s about creating and nurturing a trusting relationship between the designer-maker (me) and the buyer (you).

It takes a tremendous amount of work to create something beautiful and functional

I believe the success of the completed piece is in how well it has captured your vision, desire and dream to own something that is truly unique, something that will be loved and valued beyond just the cost of acquiring. And so, the complete design process is personally handled to ensure your desires are fully satisfied. Typically, the process goes through the following stages:

1: Contact: I can be reached directly through my phone, email or the contact page. The first conversation is crucial to understand your needs at a high level. If you have a reference picture, that would help greatly.

2: Exploration: This is by far the most important and enriching phase. I like the design process to be collaborative. Typically this involves at least one personal visit – I visit you at your site to understand the space in which the completed item will eventually be placed. The surroundings tell a lot about how an item will be used and infuses crucial design considerations. This time will also be used to brainstorm high-level design ideas, some doodling if required, to get a fair match between your vision and what I have understood it to be.

3: Design: In about 2 weeks, I would present the first design (or two) for your consideration and modification. I expect the design to change a few times to ensure I address your needs. At the end of this stage, we should have decided on a design, form, material to be used, finish, hardware if any, delivery location and method etc.. A summary of everything we have decided will be documented and shared by email. At the end of this stage, I will request for a deposit to be made if you want to go ahead.

3.5: Prototype: If required, this stage is used to build a 1:10 or 1:5 scale model of the finalized design. Or in some cases, a specific crucial section that would warrant a ‘see, touch and feel’ comfort to finalize. Please note that a prototype is not mandatory for all items as it adds time to the overall duration. However we can both decide if this will help the process and decide to go for it. An additional charge is required to make the prototype, and will be on top of the final item price.

4. Build & Finish: Once the design and build elements are agreed over email, the build process starts. Typically, I am working on more than one piece, so I request that sufficient time be given to the build process. If there are delays, it will be for genuine reasons, which I will be transparent to explain!

5. Delivery: If you are in Bangalore city limits, I shall deliver your completed item personally to the place of installation. You are welcome to come to my workshop to pick it up as well.  

Note: You are welcome to visit the workshop periodically during the build-phase to get a first-hand feel of how your item is coming along. Most customers have found this quite enriching.

Please do contact me if you have any questions that is not covered here