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My 9-year old asked me to build something to store all her Lego pieces AND to safe-keep some of her creations. Rather than jump in to build a storage box, I observed her at play for few days to get an idea of the issues she was dealing with. I realised that just building a storage box isn’t going to be sufficient.


While she was playing, I noticed that she keeps the pile of pieces close to her as she works on her new creation. And she was spending a long time searching for a particular piece which was most likely hidden beneath the pile. Clearly there was a need for a storage box that can also double as a workstation. I also figured that having separate drawers or containers for each type of piece would be a good idea to cut down on the time required to find a particular piece. I’m sure there is some glee to rummaging through a pile as well!


I played around with various options before deciding on a final design

Final design

After a lot of these trial sketches, I arrived at a final set of product features:

  1. A single place to store ALL her Lego pieces in one storage bin
  2. An integrated work surface that can be used to build with easy access to the storage area
  3. Easily movable by the child without parental help
  4. Able to stowaway under the bed
  5. A place to store completed pieces without having to dismantle while storing away under the bed

The final design looks like this:

To keep it light, perhaps making it using 12mm ply or equivalent thick pineboard would be ideal.



I made a final build-design in sketch-up located here

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