Screw bin

Finding the right screw can be a challenge if not organised properly. It’s a productivity drain and leads to mistakes such as the tip of the screw sticking out because you “settled” for it. Instead you ended up doing it twice and wasting time.

This is pretty common if your screw bin is like this:

Thankfully, this is my only catch-all bin before I sort them out someday.

I made myself a nifty screw bin that sits in front of my assembly bench

The sizes are 25mm onwards from the right and increasing in 5mm increments to the far right. Anything less than 25mm is in one of the viewtainers or any small glass/plastic container I can steal from the kitchen when the don isn’t looking. For ex., I snitched a Gerber bottle from my cousin


Making this wasn’t tough. There are plenty of designs out there; I went with John Heisz’s design as you see in his “Tool Wall” video (Thanx John!).

I made this out of 12mm MDF for the sides and 8mm MDF for the bottom and the front. It’s all held together with wood glue and 22g brad nails. The bottom array is mounted on a full-length French cleat and the top two are resting on one another on top of the bottom one.

My cordless drill and drivers are right next to this array on the right and the magnetic strip on top holds the drill bits and counter sink bits.

Everything with a place and everything in its place! Now, to maintain it that way – that the hard part!!

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